Soft Glam January Week #1 Shop My Stash Look #1

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing pretty darn good today. I woke up determined not to be held down by fibromyalgia today. I got up, showered and washed my hair at the same time… normally I have to shower then rest then wash my hair and then rest before dressing… not today… I refused to quit. That was really an accomplishment for me today. We also went to hang out with one of my hubby’s cousins today which was so amazing to finally be out and about.

This makeup look was based on look#5 of my face charts… I did add a gem to the look but for the most part it’s step by step exactly as I planned it out.

My mom, by now, is used to the out of the box looks I come up with but was completely floored with the idea of having gems on my face. She couldn’t understand that they wont fall off my face or end up in my eye… so I took another pair and put them on her so she could see that they were fine for me. It was the cutest thing ever. After she says ooooooh… like stickers for the face. I swear I love my mama bear.

For today’s look I used 3 palettes:

1. ColourPop Smoke & Roses 30 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33g of product making it 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per pan on their website). I will refer to this palette as CPSR.

2. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($65 for 19.7 G / 0.69 OZ total product making it $3.72 and 1.09 g / 0.038 oz per pan at Sephora). I will refer to this palette as HNN.

3. Huda Empowered Eyeshadow Palette ($67 for 0.59 oz / 16.8 g of total product making it $3.72 and 0.033 oz / 0.93 g of product per pan). I will refer to this palette as HE.

Ok…ok enough chit chat… let’s dive right into today’s walk-through and pictorial…. and please ignore the fact that I didn’t clean up my brows… I misplaced my tweezers… it is what it is… let’s never speak of it again…

*remember as always, all hyperlinks provided are simply for fast location of the products used and not affiliate links… I just did the research so you didn’t have to. The hyperlinks will be in bold print*

Eyes and Brows:

I started by setting my brows in place using Got 2 B Glued Spiking Glue ($7.99 at Ulta) and then I outlined and filled the brows in using the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler ($22 for 0.0004 oz / 0.07 g of product at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Black Brown (for dark brown to black hair, neutral undertone). I cleaned up the top part of the brow using the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer ($28 on their website) in the shade Creme (Very fair with warm peach undertones) and the bottom of the brows using the  Beauty Creations Color Base Primer ($4 for 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml of product on their website) in the shade White Out, I also primed my lids with this primer. 

Starting with the brow bone I used a flat detailer brush and the shade attraction (peachy ivory – matte) from CPSR to set the brow line.

Using a fluffy shader brush and the shade Secret (dirty pink – matte) from the HNN as my transition shade. (I took this shade half way up my brow line to help blend the brow highlight out some so it wouldn’t be such a stark line of highlight).

Using a fluffy crease brush and the shade Rebel (light nude coral – matte) from the HE I defined the crease and outer 1/3 of the mobile lids.

Now it’s back to the HNN with a small crease brush and the shade Tease (deep mauve – matte) to further define that crease.

On a slightly bigger crease brush than the one I just used I went into the HE and using the shade Winner (mid toned purple based grey with a slight taupe undertone – matte) I deepened the lowest part of the crease and the very outer part of the outer 1/3 of the mobile lids.

I used the shade spun around (red deep brown – matte) from the CPSR on a bullet crease brush to define the outer v of the crease.

Sticking with this palette using a pencil brush and the shade whisper (charcoal-matte) to deepen the outer v of the crease further.

Using my finger I took the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow ($7 for 0.074 oz / 2.1 g of product on their website) in the shade Sweet Tea (warm baby pink with silver, gold, and pink pinpoints) and tapped it over the middle 2/3rds of the mobile lids.

Using my finger again I went into the HE and tapped the shade Do It (rich deep copper – metallic) over the middle 1/3 of the mobile lids.

For the lower lash lines I used a small pencil brush to apply a deep drop shadow using more of the shade Tease (deep mauve – matte) from HNN.

I then deepened the lash lines using more of the shade spun around (red deep brown – matte) from the CPSR.

I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes using a flat concealer brush and the shade thorn apart (warm ivory – metallic) from the CPSR.

I lined my water lines using ColourPop x Raw Beauty Kristi Creme Gel Liner (no longer available) in the shade Woodsy (warm toned medium brown). I then popped on a face gem at the outer edge of my irises.


I primed my face using Catrice Prime and Fine Poreless Blur Primer has been reformulated (it now has Niacinamide in it) and the name has been changed to The Perfector Poreless Blur Primer ($8 for 1 fl oz / 30 ml of product on their website). To contour I used Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Concealer ($14 for the 0.34 fl oz / 10.05 ml size and $10 for the 0.11 fl oz / 3.25 ml size at Ulta) in the shade #2 (for deepest dark skin w/ neutral warm undertone).

Lips, Lashes and Finishings:

I lined my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil (this shade no longer available, but you could use the shade another round in its place) in the shade Curvii and filled in my lips using the Milani Color Fetish Matte ($9.99 for 0.14 oz / 3.97 g of product at Ulta) in the shade Pleasure (light peachy nude) and then topped the lip off using the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer ($20 for 0.30 fl oz/ 9 ml of product at Sephora) in the shade $weetmouth (shimmering soft pink). I coated my lashes in 1 coat of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara (24 for the 0.42 fl oz / 12.5 ml size and $13 for the 0.15 foz / 4.7 go size on their website and at Sephora and Ulta) in the shade Cuz I’m Black (true black) and popped on a pair of  of ColourPop Falsies Faux Lashes ($8 per pair on their website) in the style Chica (lengthening and volumizing everyday lash). I set my whole face using the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($36 for the 3.3 oz / 100 ml size and $21 for the 1.1 oz/ 34 ml size at Sephora).

Final Thoughts:

I truly loved this look today. It’s a very romantic glam look. Typically when I do soft glam looks the outcome is still smokey and not as soft and airy … it’s like the sister of the bride style makeup. I had originally had 3 gems at the tail of my brows and didn’t like that so I opted for just 1 under each eye… it gives the look this whimsy that I love so much.

This week’s perfume is:

Versace Yellow Diamond Eau de Toilette ($65 for the 1 fl oz / 30 ml size. $85 for the 1.7 fl oz / 50.28 ml size. $105 for the 3 fl oz / 88.72 ml size. Sold at Ulta).

Yellow Diamond is a woody floral that is slightly sweet. The size I have is a small sample that I got in my November snarls box.

The scent notes are:

TOP: Diamante Citron (Italian Lemon), Bergamot, Neroli and Pear Sorbet.

MIDDLE: Orange Blossom, Freesia, Mimosa and Nymphaea (Water Lily).

BASE: Amber Wood, Palo Santo (a tree from Ecuador), Guaiac Wood and Musk

This is a scent that has just enough spiciness to it so that it feels exotic but not so much that you can’t wear it for every occasion. This one is Doctor Office, Library and Office friendly.

Well dolls… that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next look with this week’s makeup stash…

Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.