December Haul Makeup Review

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing well.

I’ve had enough time with the goodies I purchased last month that I can now do a review on them… Let’s refresh your memory… of the 16 items I purchased in December I was able to test out 10 of them…

My grade scale is :

O+++ being the highest grade and F— being the lowest grade. I do add exclamation marks to the letter grade if I feel it warrants a higher grade, so the highest would be an O+++!!! and the lowest would still be F—.

So let’s jump into the review of these items…

*remember as always, all hyperlinks provided are simply for fast location of the products used and not affiliate links… I just did the research so you didn’t have to. The hyperlinks will be in bold print*

1. Uoma Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer ($29 for 1oz / 30 ml of product on their website) is billed as a unique whipped gel formula that is infused with Mushroom Extract, Chamomile Water and Probiotics for a calming, balancing and soothing experience and boast that it is able to blur smooth and illuminate and that it is lightweight.

I’ve had plenty of time to test this primer out now and I honestly have to say I really like it. It has an earthy scent to it (assuming this is from the mushroom extract) and feels calming on the skin. It blurs slightly, it’s not going to completely resurface your skin’s texture but it does blur some of the texture. It melts into the skin beautifully. I tested it with a matte, a satin and a dewy foundation as well as a skin tint and this primer performed amazingly with every formula I tried it with.

This primer is so soothing that on the mornings where I wasn’t wearing makeup, but had done an AHA and BHA overnight exfoliating treatment the night before, I would still wear this primer. It goes on like a gel but as you work it into the skin it feels velvety.

Every foundation I used with this primer lasted a fairly good amount of time. I did notice with dewy foundation I did need to touch up throughout the day, which is par for the course, but with the other formulas I did not need to touch up at all.

I give the Trippin Smooth Primer a solid O+!

I did not grade this one higher because it doesn’t help dewy foundations last longer and it comes in a jar, I would have preferred to see this primer be in a jar with a pump or a tube. You don’t need very much of this primer, I really only used a finger tip’s worth of primer and that settled over my full face and neck.

2. Uoma Beauty Trippin Smooth Powder ($29.50 for 0.35 oz / 10 g of product on their website) is billed as a superfine, weightless powder and boasts that it has a soft-focus, matte finish that minimizes fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores for skin so smooth with a unique twist to dispense jar allows a mess free and controlled application, making powder overload a thing of the past.It’s available in 5 shades: Translucent, Light, Honey, Rich Tan and Deep… I chose Translucent.

I have not been able to put this loose powder down since I opened it. It’s so finely milled that it doesn’t pick up with a beauty sponge. It does pass the levitation test (where I sprinkle some into the palm of my hand and blow it into the air, if it floats through the air it’s great for under the eyes but if it just skins to the ground it’s way too heavy for the eyes), but steer clear of using this powder under the eyes… it does not play well with concealer… instead of brightening my under eyes it darkened the area.

Now with that said, it’s still a beautiful powder. I typically have to use a touch up powder around the 5 hour mark, with this powder I didn’t have to touch up at all. I even tested it with 3 different formulas of foundation that I wore for 16 hours and did not have to touch up once.

A little goes a long way with this powder. Since it’s so finely milled it actually spreads across the face very well.

Do not bake with this powder, you will get flash back with pictures.

I give the Trippin Smooth Powder a solid O+++!

I love how finely milled this powder is. I love the fact that you twist the bottom of the jar to release powder into the center receptacle. I love how velvety this powder feels on the skin. It’s the type of powder that doesn’t wash out your other complexion products when you apply it. The only reason I did not give this powder the full highest grade is because, while you could get away with setting your under eyes with this one it truly does darken the under eye area if you have concealer on.

3. Uoma Beauty BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick ($24 for 0.14 oz / 4.1 g of product on their website) is billed as a concentrated, highly pigmented, lightweight lipstick and boasts that it is a silky and has stunning color in 1 stroke. This formula comes in 19 shades. The shade shown is Tina (crimson red).

This lipstick truly has 1 stroke pigmentation. It lasts a seriously long time too. This shade did stain my lips which was fine with me. It doesn’t bleed into the fine lines and it was not drying on the lips. It really does have a lightweight feel to it as well.

I give the BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick in the shade Tina (crimson red) a solid O+++!!!

Everything about this lipstick is perfection. For being a matte lipstick it truly didn’t feel like it was a matte lipstick. It’s not a transfer proof lipstick but does stay around for an incredibly long time without needing touch ups.

4. Uoma Beauty BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick ($24 for 0.14 oz / 4.1 g of product on their website) is billed as a concentrated, highly pigmented, lightweight lipstick and boasts that it is a silky and has stunning color in 1 stroke. This formula comes in 19 shades. The shade shown is Rosa (beige with a rosy undertone).

This one came broken but I did use a lip brush to test it out. It’s meant to be a beige with a rosy undertone, however it doesn’t translate to the lips with that color profile… it’s more of a caramel beige with a yellow undertone. I decluttered this one from my collection since it was broken and I didn’t really care for the shade.

I give the BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick in the shade Rosa (beige with a rosy undertone) a solid A-.

It did hold up nicely but it came broken and the shade description does not match what it actually looks like. It also did not seem to last as long and the red one did and I did notice the next morning my lips did feel a little parched.

5. Uoma Beauty BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick ($24 for 0.14 oz / 4.1 g of product on their website) is billed as a concentrated, highly pigmented, lightweight lipstick and boasts that it is a silky and has stunning color in 1 stroke. This formula comes in 19 shades. The shade shown is Kathleen (nude with a pink base).

This shade was a little soft and I ended up breaking it when I did this swatch. I was able to smoosh it back together but sadly it broke when I applied it the days I wore it… It just kept snapping off so I decluttered it. However this shade was such perfection that I promptly repurchased it.

I give the BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick in the shade Kathleen (nude with a pink base) a solid O+++!

I do believe there is some formula discrepancy with this product. The red shade was solid, the beige/rosy shade was smooshed in the tube and Kathleen was intact but broken when I used it. For that reason alone I cannot grade it higher. With that said, Kathleen is still the most gorgeous nude lipstick I think I’ve ever owned. Well worth replacing my broken one.

6. Uoma Beauty Make It Black Freedom Palette ($44 for 0.42 oz / 12 g of total product making it $4.40 and 0.042 oz / 1.2 g of product each pan). This is a limited edition palette and is billed as featuring their new color shifting duochromatic formula alongside their highly pigmented mattes.

This palette has 4 matte, 1 sequin matte, 2 metallic and 3 duochrome metallic shadows.

The shades from left to right and top picture to bottom picture: NKRUMAH (neutral bronze – metallic), KING (blue with a teal shift – duochrome metallic), PAC (peachy pink with a green shift – duochrome metallic), X (amber with a red shift – duochrome metallic), CELASIE (gunmetal – metallic), FELA (black with silver – sequin matte), DUBOIS (chocolate brown – matte), LEWIS (mid toned taupe – matte), GARVEY (cinnamon – matte) and NELSON (light neutral peach – matte).

This palette is neutral heavy in color story but the shades just work so well together. The formula of these shadows also plays well with other brands shadows. There is enough color variation to give you a week’s worth of looks without feeling like you’re doing the same look over and over.

There was very little kickback in the pans and only a light bit of fallout on the face…. mostly with the metallic shades.

I give the Make It Black Freedom palette a solid O+++!!!

The mattes are finely milled but not dusty and the metallics are super smooth and pigmented. Every look I did with this palette lasted all day without fading (I also tested the shadows without primer and still got a full day of wear without fading.

Uoma Beauty really knows how to put out a stellar palette.

7. Huda Beauty GloWish Multidew Vegan Skin Tint Foundation ($37 for 1.35 fl oz / 40 ml of product on their website) is billed as a radiant, moisture-packed skin tint that instantly brightens your complexion and blurs pores for a soft-focus, dewy finish! Perfect for the ultimate “no makeup” makeup look, the sheer coverage illuminates your complexion (without hiding it!) and the light-reflective pearl pigments effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. It comes in 15 shades and I purchased 01 fair (fair skin tones with neutral undertones).

There is NO WAY this is a foundation… it’s not even a skin tint. There is no coverage at all it’s just luminous.

This is what my skin looked like when I applied 2 layers of this “foundation”.

Now, with that said it is a super pretty glow enhancer, very much in the same vein as the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter was. It’s not a great primer for dewy or satin foundations but is pretty good as a primer for matte foundations.

I give the GloWIsh Multidew Vegan Skin Tint Foundation a solid B-.

It’s a nice product for under a matte foundation, however it’s way too luminous to pair with anything other than a matte or demi matte foundation. It emphasizes every little bit of texture you have on your face so it’s not good to wear alone, not to mention that it makes the skin look hella greasy. I love Huda Beauty but someone in research and development was asleep at the wheel when this one was created.

8. Uoma Beauty GloWish Luminous Pressed Powder ($33 for 0.35 oz / 10 g of product on their website) is billed as a smoothing, breathable luminous pressed powder to give you coverage without the cake and boasts that it is infused with antioxidants & skin-loving ingredients like Damascus rose oil, vitamin E & red bell pepper extract, the radiant formula adds a lightweight, natural-looking silky glow to the skin, blurring pores without settling into fine lines. There are 15 shades in the range and I purchased the shade 01 fair (fair skin tones with neutral undertones).

This is a stunning pressed powder! It is a multi use item. I have used it as a finishing powder and also as a touch up powder. It has a slight sheen to it, sort of like the Too Faced Ethereal Setting Powder. I loved the way my skin looked so much that I ended up buying a backup just in case.

I give the GloWish Luminous Pressed Powder a solid O+++!!!.

The finish of this powder is so beautiful. It left my face blurred and lit from within. I dare say this one is even better than the HOurglass Ambient lighting Powder.

9. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Buildable Coverage Crease Proof Concealer ($29 for 0.30 fl oz / 9 ml of total product on their website) is billed as a crease-proof, medium to full buildable coverage creamy concealer that brightens, conceals, and moves with you for a luminous matte, skin-like finish that lasts all day and boasts that it has 14 hour crease proof wear. It comes in 29 shades and I purchased the shade Royal Icing 1.1N (the 2nd lightest shade).

This is a super pigmented concealer. I only needed a pinhead sized dot to cover my under eyes. It’s a demi matte concealer that truly lasts all day. With that said I am not sure if this concealer is truly crease proof because of the formula or because you don’t need much to cover the under eye. Either way it’s a keeeper.

I give the #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Buildable Coverage Crease Proof Concealer a solid O+++!!!.

Finally a matte (well demi matte) concealer that doesn’t feel like cement on the under eyes. This one has such a beautiful finish and truly brightens up the under eye.

10. Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette ($67 for 0.59 oz / 16.8 g of total product making it $3.72 and 0.033 oz / 0.93 g of product per pan) is billed as luxurious line-up of buttery-smooth golds, coppers, browns, and neutrals in a variety of textures including intensely pigmented mattes, creamy gel-liner hybrids, foiled chrome metallics, and a blingy wet-look shimmer.

This palette has 2 gel liner/shadow hybrids (super pigmented creams that can be used as a liner, shadow or base once it sets), 2 high shine wet metallics (sort of like the super shock shadows by ColourPop), 1 crushed flake metallic (flakey and high shine), 2 powder metallics (sort of a foiled satin shadow), 1 gloss/metallic hybrid, 1 marbled metallic and 9 matte shadows (intensely pigmented, velvety smooth).

I didn’t want to stop using this palette. The only items I didn’t use were the liner/shadow hybrids. When I swatched them they never dried down so I knew they would be terrible as liner and really if I wanted a cream base for my shadows I would just rather reach for a colored eye primer.

The shades from left to right are: Purpose (black gel liner/shadow hybrid), Courageous (deep reddish plum on a brown/maroon base – multichrome metallic), Limitless (medium gold with a coppery flip – crushed flake metallic), Confident (mixed toned red based brown – matte), Charisma (deep mid toned warm gold – wet metallic), Keep Going (mid toned peach based brown – matte), Big Dreams (deep taupe – matte * described as a purply grey), Manifest It (mid toned deep copper – gloss/metallic hybrid), Bold Moves (gold with a silver flip – metallic * described as white gold and true gold metallic speckles), Do It (rich deep copper – metallic), Power (pale yellow based peach – matte), Get It (warm mid toned orange – matte), Worthy (Deep purple based brown – gel liner/shadow hybrid), Rebel (light nude coral – matte) Winner (mid toned purple based grey with a slight taupe undertone – matte), Visionary (deep rose gold based copper and metallic – marbled metallic), Best Self (mid toned peach based orange – matte) and Legacy (rich terracotta based mid toned brown – matte).

I give the Empowered Eyeshadow Palette a solid O+++.

The only reason this palette did not receive a higher grade is because of the liner/shadow hybrids. I mean for a palette that each shadow is almost $4 I would have preferred maybe a brow bone shade and perhaps either a deep shade or even a pop of color shade… I mean that’s $8 of shadow I can’t use and Huda Beauty has a habit of including a pan or two of useless product in all their palettes. Other than that this palette is perfection. The mattes are creamy and the metallics are liquidity smooth. This palette did have heaps of kickback with the mattes but the mattes were not dusty and there was hella fallout on the face with the metallics and darker matte shades.

Thanks for stopping by dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.