December 2022 Makeup Stash Selections Declutter

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing well. I haven’t been able to do makeup the past few days but I have been doing behind the scenes blog stuff.

One of those things is decluttering makeup from my December makeup selections for my shop my stash series. Another is any makeup that I wasn’t sure about and want to give 1 more chance to before decluttering it.

I figured since I didn’t have any face of the day material to post that I’d at least get the declutter and chopping block blog post out of the way.

So let’s get into this past month’s declutters…..

*remember as always, all hyperlinks provided are simply for fast location of the products used and not affiliate links… I just did the research so you didn’t have to. Also, any swatches pictured are done on clean bare skin with no primer and in 1 pass to show the true pigmentation*

1. VDL Lumilayer Primer

I don’t really ever reach for this one anymore. Since purchasing this product I have found other glow primers I like more. This one is just a wasted step in my routine. It does nothing to promote longevity of my foundation, doesn’t really show up once the foundation has been put on and has glitter flakes in it that it did not have the first few months I used it. It’s also just very thin and just really didn’t wow me anymore.

2. Catrice Prime and Fine Luminizing Waterproof Pressed Powder

The shade is wrong for my skin tone. There isn’t really anything noteworthy about this product. It’s called a luminizing powder yet there isn’t anything glowy about it. Whilst I love the original Prime and Fine pressed powder, this one is just not anything special and if it doesn’t speak to my makeup loving heart it can’t take up residence in my makeup collection.

3. L’Oreal Age Perfect 4-in-1 Tinted Face Balm Foundation ($16.99 for 0.63 oz / 18 g of product at Ulta) comes in 7 shades, I chose the shade 10 fair (the lightest shade offered). This product claims to firms overtime, smooths lines, conceals imperfections & evens tone and claims to be light to medium coverage.

Firstly, the color selections are abysmal. Every shade has a heavy orange undertone to them. Any tinted balms, moisturizers and such will typically have a more neutral underbase (well the good ones do anyway) giving the product more leeway between shades to cover a larger range of tones.

Secondly, the texture of this product is gross! It’s the greasiest product I have ever owned. It’s also gloopy and gets everywhere.

Lastly, the jar component is terrible. I’m sure I could just use a makeup spatula to pick up the product but honestly the product isn’t worth that much trouble. It breaks down super fast, it never sets so you have to powder the face heavier than normal and it slides all over the place.

I hated this one so much that the day I tested it I immediately took my makeup off and decluttered it.

4. Milk Makeup Matte Cream Bronzer Stick ($22 for 0.19 oz / 5.7 g of product at Sephora) comes in 2 shades, I chose the shade blaze (deep bronze).

I only decluttered this item because it went bad. It’s dried out and also very tacky and smells of playdough. I did however purchase a replacement for this one because it is one of my all time favorite cream bronzers. I did however purchase the mini size so that it won’t go bad on me again.

5. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick ($28 for 0.25 oz / 7.10 g of product at Sephora) comes in 9 shades and I chose the shade Champagne Heist (glittering champagne).

There is nothing wrong with this formula, it’s a really great product. Goes on creamy and dries down well. It doesn’t disrupt the products underneath and you get a really good color payoff. The sole reason I have decluttered this one is the shade is just too deep for my skin tone and looks odd on my face.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow ($40 for 0.04 oz / 1.14 g of product on their website) comes in a light to medium pillow talk (which is the one I chose) and a deep pillow talk.

I really wanted to love this product and at first I really did. However, with that said, I just can’t get this product to work for me at all. It’s too emollient causing the makeup to lift the products beneath it. It’s too sheer and disappears the second I powder my face. When you try to build the color up it begins to get splotchy. It’s not pigmented enough to be anything other than a sheer lip tint.

7. Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick ($36 for 0.4 oz / 11.34 g of product on their website) comes in 10 shades and I chose the shade Olivia (peachy pink shimmer).

This blush is super creamy which is what made me like it when I first purchased it and the shade is super pretty. It’s just too frosty of a blush for my liking. It also all but disappears once you powder your face and if you try to build the color up it gets even more frosty and starts to move the products underneath.

8. ColourPop Quad ($10 for 0.21 oz / 5.9 g of total product making it $2.50 and 0.05 oz / 1.475 g of product per shade on their website). This colorway is called Cream Soda.

This quad is part of the Ice Cream Shop collection that is no longer available. I purchased the whole collection but decluttered 5 of the quads for various reasons. This one is pretty but I only ever reached for the first and the fourth shade and since purchasing it I have found that I have those 2 shades in other palettes. I just don’t find that I reach for these mini palettes enough. It also doesn’t have enough range to do anything other than a very light and airy look.

9. ColourPop Quad in the colorway Mocktail.

I don’t know if it’s just that the gold shade throws me off in this colorway or the fact that I have these shades elsewhere but I have never touched this one for anything other than swatching it. It also doesn’t have enough of a range to do a complete eye look.

10. ColourPop Quad in the colorway Triple Scoop.

Out of the 5 quads that I decluttered this one is my favorite, however I do have these shades in other palettes and, since I’m attempting to pair down my collection, I’m trying to weed out palettes that have similar shades.

11. ColourPop Quad in the colorway Extra Toppings.

Honestly the only shades I liked in this palette were the metallics. I do have these shades in the super shock formula so there was no need to keep a palette that I only use 2 shades in and that I barely reach for.

12. ColourPop Quad in the colorway Sorbet.

I think out of all the Ice Cream Shoppe palettes this is the one that is most cohesive, but again, since I have these shades in other palettes I barely reach for it and the first shade cracked and couldn’t be fixed (even though I tried) so I have to let it go.

13. Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara ($11.99 for 0.32 oz / 9.07 g of product at Ulta) is billed as being able to achieve length, volume and lash lift and claims that lashes are thickened and extended with a fiber infused formula. It also claims that the wand is unique and will help lift and separate the lashes to achieve 8x more volume.

I hate this mascara so much. I seriously tried to use it up but I hate it so badly that I just can’t use it 1 more time. First of all there is no lengthening, no volume and no lift whatsoever. It also flakes like crazy. It feels crunchy and I just seriously hated it….

1. Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder ($8 for 1.12 oz / 32 g of product at Ulta) comes in 4 shades and I chose the shade Translucent.

This loose powder is a bit dusty looking all over the face. I’ve been using it to only clean up my nose contour and I have other powders that I can use for that. I want to keep testing it for under the eyes and if it doesn’t wow me for that I will be decluttering it, mainly because of the shape of the component. It’s too bulky and the cap is so small that I have to use a separate item to disburse it.

2. L’oreal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer ($13.99 for 0.23 fl oz / 6.8 ml of product at Ulta) comes in 8 shades and I chose the shade ivory.

There is nothing wrong with the product. It’s hydrating and has decent pigmentation. It’s just the shade isn’t light enough for under my eyes and so I rarely reach for it. I’ve decided to try using it to clean up the upper part of my brow line so that I can use the product up. If it doesn’t work for that I’ll declutter it. I wish they would come out with a lighter shade.

3. Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus Foundation ($20 for 0.94 fl oz / 27.80 ml of product at Ulta) comes in 40 shades and I chose the shade filter light 6 (light with neutral undertones) and is billed as an oil free skincare infused foundation with a natural finish. It claims to have pore blurring pigments and a natural buildable coverage that is long wearing waterproof and transfer proof.

I have used this foundation a handful of times and cannot, for the life of me, remember how I feel about it. Nor do I remember how it wore. I do remember in December not liking the way it looked on my skin, however I was testing out a new primer and it could have been the primer that made it look horrible. I want to give this one a fair chance because in the swatch it really does look nice.

4. Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint ($12.99 for 1 fl oz / 30 ml of product at Ulta) comes in 6 shades and the shade I chose is #110 fair to light. It’s billed as next-level glowing skin with sheer-to-light coverage. This skin tint claims to melt onto skin for an ultra dewy finish that blends seamlessly and blurs imperfections.

There isn’t much I like about this one. The shade is too warm orange. It doesn’t blend well. It’s way too greasy looking and it tends to slip and slide around the face. I want to give it a fair share so I’m going to test it with a matte primer to see how it does with that.

Thanks for reading dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.