Last Makeup Haul of February 2023 – Juvia’s Place Haul

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m starting to feel just a bit better so I think I will take the next few days off and then as of March 1st get back into the swing of things with makeup content.

I have 2 new series planned. The first is called Chopped and Hauled March 2023, where I will be taking the full month of March to test out the new makeup I’ve hauled in February and also the items that I placed on the chopping block for March. The second is called 21 Weeks of Decluttering, where I will take the months of April, May, June, July and August 2023 to go through my enter makeup collection and see what I want to keep and what I’m ok with decluttering. (This series will be similar to my Shop My Stash in that I have used the Tiny Decisions App to select the makeup I’m using each week except I’m not just trying to use as many different items as possible, I’m specifically selecting items to put under scrutiny for if they are good enough to stay in my collection. The only item that will not be scrutinised are my eyeshadow palettes. The reason for this is simple… If a palette has made it into my collection, then I truly do love it. Whenever I test a new palette I throw it under a figurative microscope and if it doesn’t tick all the right boxes then I do not add it to my collection. A few years back I made a promise to myself, and my bank account, that I would no longer buy everything in a new makeup launch and instead concentrate on just the items that really speak to me. Over the years I would buy every eyeshadow palette in a collection only to declutter them because I never reached for them. I have since decluttered any palette that didn’t bring my joy and feel that my collection is now perfection, at least to me.

OK.. enough rambling… I know you’re here to see the new makeup babies I have purchased….

* I did place an order with Sephora and one with Catrice Cosmetics that should be here sometime next week *

*remember as always, all hyperlinks provided are simply for fast location of the products used and not affiliate links… I just did the research so you didn’t have to. All swatches and done on clean bear skin, in one pass and with no primer*

I purchased all items from Juvia’s Place during the 50% of palettes flash sale last week:

I Am Magic 102 Flat Top Foundation Brush ($16 on their site) comes in 2 shades, coral/ cream and teal/white/brown and claims to be super dense with soft bristles that give a streak free application without absorbing product and claims to work well with all foundation textures.

First Impression: The handle is a heavy weight plastic that is a gradient of teal ending in white with gold foil etched brand and brush names. The ferrule is double crimped at the bottom and does not have any crimp at the heel and is made of a gold aluminum. The head of the brush is soft and at best has a medium density that is uniform in width from belly to toe. The toe is flat and fluffy with a tri color of white, brown and teal. It appears to be a solid purchase that I think pairs well with creams, liquid and powder.

i Sculpt, i Shade Brow Palette ($11 for 0.28 oz / 8 g of total product making it 0.07 oz, 2 g and $2.75 per shade) is billed as a multi-functional palette that adheres easily to the eyebrow hair and skin and can be used as an eyeshadow as well and claims to be long lasting, sweat proof and smudge proof.

First Impression: This is a super pigmented formula. There are 2 warm and 2 cool toned shades. This formula is finely milled and smooth. I tested out the claims that it’s smudge and sweat-proof. As long as I didn’t rub too hard (like say one would if they were rubbing one’s eyes) it did not budge, when I applied a bit more pressure it did smudge a bit but not so much that it would leave a messy streak. I spritzed the swatches with a mister bottle to mimic sweat (well at least the brow sweat one experiences in Florida) and the swatches did not run nor did they fade. In fact, even when removing the swatches I had a bit of a hard time removing them with baby wipes and ended up needing makeup remover. I like that there are both warm and cool tones in this palette, it makes it a great palette to travel with, I could use it as a brow product, however I could also use it as a bronzer and contour palette., as long as I go in with a light hand.

Vanessa Eyeshadow Palette ($16 for 0.047 oz / 13.2 g of product making it 0.0078 oz, 2.2 g and $2.67 per shade) is billed as being inspired by one of the world’s foremost makeup gurus Vanessa Gyimah and features 2 metallic and 4 matte shades.

First Impression: The shades of this palette are so rich in shade that it’s a wonderful companion piece to a warm toned neutral palette. The metallic shades are super creamy and reflective and the mattes are hard packed, dusty and stiff but blend out expertly. There was no kick back in the pan and absolutely no fall out whilst swatching.

The shades from left to right are: Extra (soft rose with a slight copper reflect – metallic), Perfectionist (mauve – marbled metallic), BSG (medium chocolate brown – matte), Busy (dusty mid toned peach – matte), Stush (orange based coral – matte) and Akua (plum based deep berry – matte).

Garden Of Juvia’s Palette ($25 for 1.28 oz / 32 g of product making it 0.08 oz, 2 g and $1.56 per shade) is billed as a richly pigmented palette that features 9 metallic and 7 matte shades.

First Impression: This is such a sweet and beautiful pastel palette that isn’t white pigment heavy. I tend to stay away from pastel palettes because they are just way too white saturated…. this… THIS… is the way to create a pastel. It’s midtoned, but not pushing it out of the pastel category and I love that most of the shadows are metallic, I don’t really have many pastel palettes, but if I were to be in the market for one… this is the best representation of what I’m looking for. It’s very rare to find metallic shades that are also pastel. The metallics are soft and buttery and the mattes are finely milled and pigmented. There was zero kick back and worth noting…. ZERO fallout, something that almost never happens with pastels because of the white pigment used to create pastel shades.

The shades from left to right are: Daffodil (pale yellow with a slight green reflect – metallic), Best Buds (bleu green with a lime shift – metallic), Blooming (pale lavender with a strong fuchsia shift – metallic) and Lilac You (mid toned pastel lilac – matte).

The shades from left to right are: Flower Petals (light green with a lemon yellow reflect – metallic), Money Tree (slightly murky teal with a strong fuchsia shift – metallic), Peony (pastel peachy pink – matte) and Purple Orchid (deep purple with a slight pink reflect – metallic).

The shades from left to right are: Sunshine (tangerine orange with slight green reflect – metallic), Lucky Clover (pastel sage green – matte), Blossom (light red coral with a strong pink shift – metallic) and Flower Child (light blue based purple – metallic).

The shades from left to right are: Marigold (bright turmeric yellow – matte), Oh Honey (pastel mid toned orange – matte), Gardenia (pastel light peach – matte) and Sweet Lilac (mid toned blue based pastel purple – matte).

Well that’s all dolls. I hope you have a great rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.