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My Tie Dye Adventure

Published May 17, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope!

For dinner tonight I made Honey garlic glazed Salmon and spicy pan seared red potatoes and for desert I made homemade peanut butter cookies and decaf chocolate mint Dalgona coffee. (belly is happy)

Well, as I said the other day, I’ve been venturing into the 60’s flash back that is tie dye. I’ve completed 4 outfits and 3 extra shirts (tanks).


The dye brand I chose was Rit and the colors I used are :

I also purchased 4 dish basins ($18.88 on Amazon), 4 baking cooling racks ($12.65 on Amazon), 10  squirt bottles ($12.99 on Amazon), a roll of cling wrap ($3.99 on Amazon), rubber bands ($3 on Amazon for a big bag of assorted colors and sizes), 4 v neck short sleeve tee-shirts (white cotton) 2 pairs of lounge capri style pants (white cotton), and 2 pairs of yoga pants (white polyester), and I also had 3 white tank tops that I added to the pile. I also needed gloves which I already had.

The yoga pants had to be dyed on the stove because they used a special type of dye called Dyemore … it’s for synthetic fibers…. I used Sapphire Blue and Royal Purple Dyemore for these 2 pants and for the rest of the colors I had to use some some Color Stay Dye Fixative as well. The Fixative I purchased off Amazon for $2.99 a bottle and I purchased 2 bottles.

The method of tie dye I used is called the Scrunch Method ,

So how did I do?? Let’s take a look.

rose quartz

The first shade I used was Rose Quartz…I purchased it off Amazon for $8.93 (a rip off because at Joann Fabrics it was only $6). I thought it would come out a bit more pink but it was super light and almost coral in color … I still liked it very much. I made 3 pieces this color:


This was an old flat white tank top that I had for sleeping in and now I have a cute little Saturday afternoon lay about shirt.


These Carpis I purchased off Amazon for $14.99…. and they are a faded pink in color almost coral in shade. I think I should had added a bit more dye to the squeeze bottle but it’s still pretty even though it has more white than pink in it.


This V neck I purchased off Amazon in a 2 pack for $16 and it ended up the same as the pants, light pink almost coral and with more white than pink…. I think I had it too tight and that’s why I got more white than pink.


The next color I experimented with was Teal.  I purchased it of Amazon for $7.49 (again another rip off because as Joann’s it’s only $4.50)  I really loved the color. I think for the first couple of outfits I just didn’t use enough dye. I did 2 pieces in this color.


This V neck tee-shirt I purchased off Amazon for $9.50 and it came out Teal and there is more color to this shirt as apposed to the pink one. I remember I did this one a bit more loose and I covered the whole surface with the dye instead of leaving white areas. I really like the way it came out.


These Capris I purchased off Amazon for $14.99 and came out a lighter shade of Teal but it’s pretty. I also noticed I had more surface area colored than with the pink counter part.


The next color I tried out was the Sapphire Blue DyeMore. I purchased it at Joann Fabrics for $4.49. This color came out AMAZING! I am in love with the outcome. For Polyester, unfortunately, you have to use a whole bottle of dye, not like with cotton dye (where you use 2 Tablespoons of dye). So if I want this color in the future I will have to buy another bottle…. which is OK because they only run around $5 for a bottle.


I absolutely love the way these Yoga pants came out and the pants are supper comfy (I’m wearing them today). I purchased them off Amazon for $15.99. I left them in the dye bath for 45 minutes (the longer you leave it in the deeper the color payoff will be). I also love this color so much … it’s my birthstone color.


The next color I tried was Denim Blue. I purchased it at Joann Fabrics for $4.49.  I dyed 2 pieces in this color and they came out lighter than I thought they would, for some reason I though they were going to be a darker denim color… they came out more a faded denim color which I actually like better.



This was an older flat white tank top that I had. It was one of my favorite tanks I just didn’t wear it much because I was afraid I would get something on it. (I don’t know why I continue to purchase white clothing knowing I barely ever wear them for fear that I’ll stain them). Now it’s my all time favorite tank. It came out so good.  I also used only 1 Tablespoon of dye in this one and used just a touch of the other bottle I prepared with 2 Tablespoons of dye for contrast.


This V neck shirt I purchased off Amazon for $9.50 and it came out OK. I would have liked more blue in it but it’s still cute. This shirt was dyed with the 2 Tablespoon solution with just a hint of the 1 tablespoon solution. The color is cute but I think I like the tank more.

Royal Purple

The next color I did was Royal Purple. I purchased it at Joann Fabrics for $4.49. I did 1 piece in this color and the shade came out super deep but I loved the style that I got with it. Again I had to use the whole bottle so if I should want this color again I will have to repurchase the shade.


These Yoga pants came out cool. I purchased them off Amazon for $15.99. I love how there is all this deep purple and than around the white it bled and so there is a lighter shade of purple introduced to the piece.


The final color I did was basic Purple. I purchased it off Amazon for $2.98. I dyed 2 pieces in this color and I really liked the shade I got from this color.


This V neck tee-shirt was part of a 2 pack for $16 on Amazon and it ended up being the best of the tee-shirts though I would have liked the neck line to have more tie dye. I love the way it’s darker in some areas and lighter in others.


This tank is another piece that I’ve had and I use to wear it around the house and as a sleep shirt. I don’t ever wear spaghetti string shirts out in public because, since I’m top heavy, I can’t find a bra with spaghetti straps and I can’t do around without a bra … so I just stick to wearing it around the house. I love the shade of purple I got with this piece.

And that was everything I dyed this weekend. I can’t wait to purchase some more flat white pieced to dye … I think I’ll experiment with doing 2 or more colors next time and now that I have the hand of it I’m sure that I will be able to get better color payoff.

I’m actually thinking I might make some curtains for my craft room and I might just try to tie dye them …. I think that would be super fun.

Well that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and good health.

Remember dolls … Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.


This Morning’s Breakfast and Play Time

Published April 4, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hey doll hey!!! Just wanted to pop in to show you what the hubby and I did this morning to break up some of the monotony of this quarantine.


We saw a TikTok video that shows you how to make what TikTok calls Foam Coffee, but in real life it’s actually called Dalgona coffee and has a pretty interesting history.  But basically what you do is take 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of the sugar of your choice, and 2 tablespoons boil hot water and combine them in a bowl and than you whisk it for 5 to 8 minutes, or until it looks like peanut butter and is thick (like above). 


You then get a cute little cup and add a few ice cubes and cold liquid of your chose (we chose fat free lactose free milk, but we have also tried it with 1/2 flavored coffee cream and 1/2 milk) and you add about 2/3 of the cup of the cold liquid and than top it off with the Dalgona coffee foam and mix it until you combine it…. It stays thick and creamy and just tastes so yummy!! We have decided we will do this again as sort of a weekend treat.


The next adventure was to bring a bit of Disney into our home, since we can’t visit Disney just now with this virus going on. We decided to make our favorite Disney Park breakfast food … The Crystal Palace’s Breakfast Pizza …. 6 eggs seasoned and whipped with a a bit of milk and then scrambled. 1 pack of bacon, diced and  fried crispy… (we normally make our own pizza crust but I didn’t have enough energy to whip one up so we used a store bought raw pizza dough can one instead). Roll out the pizza dough and coat it with 1/2 cup of softened butter or margarine mixed with 4 tablespoons of garlic powder. Add the scrambled eggs, next the bacon, and then top it all off with a package of mozzarella cheese. 


Bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 25 minutes and Bob’s your Uncle… the best little distraction on the planet. 

Well that’s all dolls… Just wanted to give you a couple of things you could try to give you something to distract you for a little bit … If you try either of these let me know how you liked them!!

Hope you are in good health and spirits and that you know you are AWESOME! Let no one tell you otherwise!

Remember to save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.


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