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Getting to Know Me Round 2

Published March 26, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hey doll hey!!! I’m back with another round of lightning questions that I read on bekkibee22’s blog and thought I’d join the tag…. So here goes nothing …

My Full Name- Nita Garcia

My Age? 46p

My Height?- 5ft 3in

My Star Sign?- Vergio

Where was I born? Philadelphia PA USA

My Birthday? September 15 1973

Relationship Status? Happily Married

Partner’s Name Sergio

Where do I live now? – Orlando,FL USA

What 3 Words Would I Use To Describe Myself? Compassionate, Timid, and Friendly

Natural Hair Colour? Brunette

Eye Colour? Brown

Tattoos? Yes 9…. I have Disney’s Figment, A sun with and eye, 3 Shadow Hunters ruins, Disney’s Grumpy, a mandala hand, and a Semicolon project dragonfly

Siblings?- Yes I have 1 younger sister

Job?- No. I am disabled

Pets? None at the time…. landlord wont allow them, but when we buy out house next year I want to get a Boxer.

Conditions? I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS, Anxiety disorder, PTSD, Clinical depression, Bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s Syndrome

Lucky Number? the numbers 7 and 21

Shoe Size?- Size 6

Clothing Size?– 22 Im a big girl but nothing I can do all of medication causes weight gain.

Favourite Time Era? 70’s and the 40’s

Intersting Fact- I love to sing but shy away from singing in front of people.

Well that’s all for now dolls. Remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.


No Face of the Day Today Because ….

Published December 19, 2019 by aspooniesmakeupbag

**** I am writing this at 4 pm on Tuesday since I will be unable to sit up after my surgery, I wanted to make sure that you knew about the procedure and the reason there will not be a face of the day post on Thursday. ****


Good morning beauties. I will not be doing a face of the day today. I am having Radiofrequency Ablation today and will be in pain after the surgery.

Basically my pain management doctor will be going in and burning the nerves in my lower back near my hips to help reduce the pain I get from the Fibromyalgia.

They give me anesthesia and once I’m under they take small electric rod needles and place them near my spin where the nerves are. They send and electric pulse through the needles into the nerves and that burns the nerve severing the nerve and allowing me to feel pain free in that area for 6 months. Well, basically pain free anyway. If I am standing or sitting for too long I still feel pain in that area, but at least for the most part I am pain free in the hip area.

This procedure only lasts 6 months, so every 6 months I have to undergo a new round of Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).

I am very grateful for our health insurance as for the most part I do not pay anything to have it done. However if I haven’t hit my out of pocket expenses for the year the RFA does cost $100 a round and I get 2 done… 1 hip gets done at a time to allow me to have mobility while I heal from the surgery.

This is an out patient surgery and the recovery time is very fast… I’m normally in pain the whole rest of that day and most of the day after. I do get minimal bruising that typically goes away after a day or two.

For any of my fellow spoonies out there who suffers from lower back pain that radiates out toward the limbs I would recommend this procedure 100%!!

My quality of life has improved so much since I have been doing the RFA.

I’ve been getting it done for 3 years now. At first they didn’t use anesthesia, they would use a local anesthetic, so I was awake during the procedure. They would inject the anesthetic right into the nerve so it hurt a little while they did this, it also hurt when the injection rods were placed into the nerve ending…. but after the rods are in place it didn’t hurt as much.

For a Fibromyalgia spoonie we feel pain on a whole other level, so the pain I felt during the surgery was nothing compared to the pain I felt without taking treatment.

For more information on RFA talk to you pain management specialist. You can also get the gist  of what RFA is here -> RFA on Web MD

For those of you suffering with pain due to Fibromyalgia or Lupus or any other spoonie illness looking for a good pain management center that treats your symptoms without throwing more pain meds at you … If you live in the Orlando Florida area I recommend Florida Pain Relief Group  .

Well that’s all for now loves …. I hope you are finding the day with plenty of spoons and as pain free as you can be.

Remember dolls always save a spoon for a bit of lip gloss….




Captin’s Log … Star Date: Ummm

Published August 3, 2015 by aspooniesmakeupbag


I’ve been having a rough time since starting my blog. I have had severe cluster headaches, loss of feeling in my hands and feet, and well all that entails with being a fibromyalgia suffer.

I have been looking through my posts  from my tumbler account and came across a few of my posts that sum up how I have been feeling the past few days.

When you have been at a constant level 10 for a week it starts to chip away at your “go get’um” spirit.

Truth be told, I haven’t felt like dealing with the world. I haven’t wanted to do anything but scream and cry and smash a few dishes…. thankfully my loving husband has been with me through this depression episode.

I will post a few of my older blog posts to help me get over my cloudy attitude. I have had the worst fibro fog ever and trying to keep my thoughts coherent has been hell.

Sorry about the pitty party, I promise to be back soon with new thoughts and a few makeup related posts as soon as I am able to string what I mean to say together.

Much love, and remember spoonie darlings, we all have those days where we just can’t deal… but there is always tomorrow for something better.

Thanks for taking a peek inside this spoonie’s makeup bag until next time, as always … hold on to a spoon for a little lip gloss.

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