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Week 1 Brow and Lash Update

Published March 22, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hey doll hey!!! Hope you are having a great night/day.

I’m coming to you with an quick update on my journey to fuller brows and lashes.

As you may have read in my post about me using black castor oil to aid in the growth of my lashes and brows …. I said I would update you weekly as long as I started to see improvement.

Well…. to my surprise (I went into this a bit sceptical) I have new hair growth on both my brows…. I am not really seeing a big difference in my lashes other then the fact that my lashes are now all growing upward and uniform instead of dropping and in different directions. But I did compare them to the day 1 photos and it does appear that there is in fact growth.

For my left brow I did not have hair at the tail and there was a bald spot at the arch. I now have hair growing at the tail and for the first time in about a year and 1/2 O finally have haor growth at the arch… its not a heap of long hair but when I touch it I can feel that hair has staryed to grow… its peach fuzz right now …. but it’s growth nonetheless. For my righr brow again I did not have hair at the arch and I can actually see that hair has grown at the arch as well as in the tail section.

My left brow and lashes. The lashes when compared to the first day photos do look a bit fuller and a tiny bit longer but what you can see is that there is hair at the tail and the arch appears to have hair growing
The biggest improvement by far is the right side. My lashes are in fact longer but still a little sparse…. this maybe because I had to scrub this eye a bit to get lash glue off 3 times this week so I kay have lost a few lashes. You can clearly see that my tail of the brow has longer and fuller growth and the archnow has hair where it did not have much hair on day 1.

So, so far I am seeing something happening …. I will update you again next week.

Well that’s all dolls…. stay safe and have a great rest of you night/day.

Remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.


My Updated Skin Routine

Published March 20, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hey doll hey!!! Hope your night/day is going great. Just popping in to updaye my skin care routine…. I added just 2 things to my routine but wanted to tell you about it…. let’s jump into it.

A.M. Routine: Instead of just cleansing with my Bioderma and then jumping into my serums and moisturizers I now double cleanse my face and neck.

I first cleanse my face and neck using a reusable bamboo facial pads. I use Bioderma both day and night.
For my second cleanse, currently, I am using Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel (I purchased mine at Ulta 2 years ago but only now have staryed to use it… it’s discontinued but can be found for $28 on Amazon) which I use with my Clarisonic ( I had purchased mine at Sephora for $60 but this model is now discontinued but can be found on Posh Mark…. and there are upgraded versions sold at Sephora).
I put my face serum on with my face still damp… I find that it sinks into the skin better that way. I only have to use a nickle sized dollop of this serum. I use this serum both day and night. I purchase mine through Amazon for $35 however it is also sold at Ulta.
I use this eye serum both day and night. I purchase mine of Amazon for $25 but you can also find it at Ulta. I use a pea sized amount for both eyes and I use it on my lids and my under eyes.
I ise this eye cream both day and night. I get mine from Amazon for $19 but you can find it at Ulta too. I use a pea sized amount for both eyes and I use it on my lids and also my under eyes.
Obviously I use this only for day time. I get it for $24 on Amazon but it can be found at Ulta too. I just dab my finger into the jar and get about a quarter sized amount out. This is enough to cover my full face and neck.
I purchased this lip exfoliating brush off Amazon for $8 and I use it every morning right after I double cleanse my skin.
This is the only lip balm I will ever use. This stuff is so good. It has a thick lip mask like feel to it but it does sink into the lips perfectly. I purchase mine for $12 for a 4 pack off Amazon. I use it both day and night.

For the night time routine with the Bioderma I use 3 facial pads… 2 to get off all the makeup and the 3rd one to cleanse my face and neck and then I go in with my Clarisonic and Clinique cleanser. I use the 2 serums and the eye cream and the lip balm and then I use the night face cream.

This is the night cream I use. I get it for $21 on Amazon but you can find it at Ulta. I do the same as with the day cream… I dab my finger in and get a quarter sized dollop and that is enough for my full face and neck.
Lastly, as I explained in my Road to fuller brows post , I use this black castor oil in both my brows and my eye lashes. Every night.

Well that’s it dolls. I have been toying with maybe adding a few face masks into the routine… I just don’t know where to start when it comes to face masks…. I’ll have to do some research and if I do start to incorporate them into my routine I’ll update my blog with it.

Hope you have a great rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and are healthy. Remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.


O’Keeffe’s Review

Published December 2, 2019 by aspooniesmakeupbag

With the winter closing in on us our skin goes through so much. I know for me my heels get cracked. My hands get drier than sand paper, and my lips chap something awful.

I recently discovered O’Keeffe’s about 4 months ago and it was love at first application. Here are the 3 products I swear by…



I have tried tons of foot creams. Most are either too thin to do any good or too thick and sticky.  O’Keeffee’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream ($7.29 at Amazon for 3.2 ounces). O’Keeffe’s foot cream is light but thick enough to really do some good. The first night I tried it I had given myself a pedicure and was frustrated because my heels were still rough and cracked. I applied Healthy Feet and put on a pair of spa socks and in the morning my feet were no longer rough… they were still a little cracked (in fact it took a little under a month for my cracked feet to heal completely but every day my feet were looking better and better.) I now only use the cream to maintain the softness of my feet.


Due to some of my medication my hands tend to be really chapped and dry. I often have peeling skin around my fingers. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream ($7.02 at Amazon) healed my hands after 1 use. (and I do mean healed … there was no more peeling skin, the dryness was gone, the chapped skin no longer hurt.) I have 2 of these, 1 in my purse and 1 at my bedside table. This cream also works on dish pan hands. After doing dishes I will always reach for it to keep my hands smooth. For the quality of this product I can’t believe it’s only $7!!!

20191202_081617 (1)

As I stated in my last post I love this lip balm. O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair ($4.49 at Amazon) in Cooling Relief. I love this balm, I can’t say it enough!!! It has even replaced all of my high end lip balms. It is creamy and creates a barrier to protect your lips from the elements. I only have to apply this 1 time and it lasts all day or all night. This get my stamp of approval for sure!


A Winning Trio!

Well that’s all for now dolls, hope you are having a good day… and remember always save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.



My Skin Care Routine

Published December 2, 2019 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hello beautiful! As promised here is my skin care routine.

With depression I have let my skin care fall to the way side and my skin suffered horribly because of it. It has taken a lot of tlc to get my skin happy again… tons of face masks, homemade avocado face treatments, steam treatments, and lots of face oils to get my skin back to normal. Depression has a way of making everything seem too impossible to do, thank goodness the clouds have cleared and I am able to once again take care of me.

Here is my routine …..


I start by splashing my face with warm water and then I cleanse my face with Bioderma, yes I know it’s billed as a makeup remover but it is a cleanser so I use it as both. (I have learned that washing my face everyday with a face cleanser tends to stripe my face too much, so I only use face cleanser 3 times a week and I do the cleansing at night so that my face cream can replenish my skin.) When I use this as a makeup remover at night I make sure I get all the makeup off and then go back at my face with a clean cotton pad doused in Bioderma (I make sure the cotton pad is soaked so that my skin will be soaked completely).

Next while my skin is still wet I use my No7 Youthful Eye Serum ($24.40 at Walmart and Ulta for .5 fluid ounces)  and Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum ($29.99 at Ulta for 1 fluid ounce) — for the face. I know they are a bit pricey but they are so worth this price tag. I like pea sized dot is all you need for the eye serum and I draw a thin line on my  cheeks, forehead, and chin of the face serum. I then let the serums soak into to the skin while I  get ready for either bed or I get ready for the day. These serums are so hydrating. I feel like it really plumps up the undereye and my forehead lines.


I use to skip this next step because the eye and face serums are so moisturizing that I don’t even feel like I need extra moisturizer. I once again use a pea sized amount of Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream ($21.99 At Ulta for .5 fluid ounces) and 1 finger swipe is all you need of Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream (24.99 at Ulta for 1.7 fluid ounces). I know this is a DAY cream but I couldn’t find the night cream so I use this product and night too… when I’m done with it I plan on purchasing both DAY and NIGHT creams. I love both these products so much. They aren’t sticky or greasy and sink beautifully into the skin. After I apply this I will normally brush my teeth and hair and if it’s night I take my medications and if it’s day I will brush my teeth and hair and then I pick out what makeup I’m going to wear for the day. By then my skin is feeling amazing (on days that I don’t wear makeup I will normally just add a tiny bit of BECCA Backlight Priming Filter even thought the glow is perfect with just the skin products used.)

20191202_081617 (1)

Lastly I hydrate my lips …. My lips during my set back with my depression suffered horribly. They were chapped, cracked, and shedding. O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair (4.49 at Amazon for .15 ounces) brought my lips back to life! This is the only lip balm I will use. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now and my lips have never looked better. (I will be doing a review of the full line in my next post.)


Well this is my skin care routine. I hope you enjoyed this post and hope that you are having a spoon filled day…. Ta ta for now loves and as always save a spoon for a bit of makeup.


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