How I Spent My Birthday…

Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing pretty well. Thursday the 15th was my birthday.

Hubby really out did himself this year. First he gave me a super early birthday present when you gifted me my new vanity a few months back….. then he gifted me a bookcase for my ever growing book collection. Then a few weeks ago he gifted me $250 in art supplies (he is so generous and so supportive). So I didn’t expect any gifts the day of my birthday… I only expected to be going to dinner and a movie.

I’ve been wanting some crocs for the longest time but I never purchased them for some reason. He surprised me with a trip to the mall to purchase a pair of the clogs and a pair of flip flops and 26 jibbetz to go with them. It was fun to shop for the jibbetz. I chose Jack the Pumpkin King and Sully and a Grogu for the flip flops and Chose a koala (I really wanted a red panda but alas they had none) the Avengers symbol along with the Captain America shield, baby groot, Black Panther, an ewoke, Mando and Grogu. I chose 2 of each because I like symmetry and didn’t want mix matched shoes.

We then had an amazing late lunch at El Cilantrillo restaurant across from the Florida Mall.

For appetizer we chose Queso de Freir with Guava sauce… it’s a cheese that can be fried that is crispy on the outside and all melty on the inside. For the main course we both chose Mofongo Camarones Al Ajillo… mashed plantains with shrimp, onions and peppers in a garlic sauce. We also ordered Mojitos…. mine was a traditional Mojito and his was a Coconut flavored one….we ordered the large ones… 32 oz of yumminess. Hubby then surprised me with their birthday package… It’s where the whole staff comes out with a 4 tiered plastic birthday cake that flashes colors and they clap and sing and get the whole restaurant involved… a nightmare for an introvert like me but still was fun… and they served me a double layered dessert… it’s flan on the top and a very tasty chocolate layer on the bottom… we had a blast.

I came home to a gift from my niece… she is so sweet. She knows how much I love Grogu and got me this super cute coffee cup and a very cozy Sherpa blanket.

We finished the night with a movie, and we watched Samaritan…. not the best movie but also not that bad complete with popcorn and sweets.

All in all it was a very lovely birthday. Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health….

XOXO, Nita