Quick Update

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m feeling a bit fatigued today. All the running around I did Saturday has finally caught up with me.

I’m just posting a quick little update… there will not be a Face of the Day post today. As you know I post 1 day behind with my Face of the Day pictures… In other words… for me to have posted a Face of the Day today (Monday) I would have used my makeup look from Sunday… However I am feeling fatigued and my legs are killing me from all the errands I ran Saturday so I decided to take the day off from playing in my makeup and instead use the day to wash all my makeup brushes and also make the next 6 months worth of my homemade Sofrito.

I use 4 bundles of of Culantro (also known as long-leaf coriander), 4 bundles of Cilantro, 8 red bell peppers, 8 green bell peppers, 2 red cubanelle peppers ( also known as Cuban peppers), 2 green cubanelle peppers (also known as Cuban peppers), 7 yellow onions, and 2 pounds of garlic cloves. This yields about right around 20-22 cups of Sofrito which will last us anywhere from 6 to 9 months. We pop one plastic tub into the fridge and the rest (right around 7 tubs) into the freezer. I just blitz it all up in a glass pitcher blender on the salsa setting.

I typically wash my makeup brushes every 2 months. I also will go through the brushes to check the ferrules and the handles to make sure they are secure and I fix any that may have come loose. I have a huge brush collection so I will pick out enough brushes for 2 months worth of everyday makeup use… in between cleanings I use a little dish filled with BioDerma and a touch of alcohol to spot clean my brushes to keep them sanitary for the month. I then switch them out for a new set and then I use those for a month and use BioDerma/alcohol on those to spot clean. At the end of 2 months I gather all the dirty brushes and deep clean them and whilst they dry I pick out 2 months worth of fresh brushes. The next day when my brushes are dry they get popped into my dust proof brush cases. This insures that I am properly rotating my brush stash so that I don’t wear out my brushes too quickly. I start the 2 month period with a fresh set of brushes in my wired basket because I store my cleaned brushes in my brush cups over night whilst they finish drying. Then in the am I’ll move those to the storage and move the new set to the cups freeing up my wired basket to store my used brushes throughout the 2 month period.

So that’s basically how I spent my Sunday… along with cooking a nice Garlic Honey Pork Tenderloin for supper and doing my weekly disinfecting of my makeup vanity and storage.

Well that’s all dolls. I just wanted to pop in and say I’m not falling behind … I just had to step a way for the day.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.

Remember …..

XOXO, Nita