Valentine’s Day Inspired Face of the Day

Hey doll hey!!!! How you doing today? Good I hope. I woke up a bit later than I had planned to but I am feeling pretty good today. It’s a bit cold so I’ve got myself bundled up to help keep from getting extra pain. I woke up wanting to do a Valentine’s Day makeup look so this is what I came up with. Today I still am testing 5 items to see whether or not I will be keeping them as well. The products I chose are…. ELF Illuminating Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (in the shade Lolita II). I will review these products and tell whether or not I decided to keep them in Final Thoughts but for now …. let’s jump into the Face of the Day….


Base: I primed my face using NYX Pore Filler ($14 at Ulta and on the NYX website). I color corrected using Tarte CC Undereye Corrector ($25 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Light-Medium. For foundation I chose Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation ($50 at Sephora) in the shade Beige 3. I concealed my under eyes using MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($25 at Ulta and MAC) in the shade NC 30. I set my face using Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder ($3.97 at Walmart) in the shade 011 Creamy Natural. I warmed up the face using Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer ($5.99 at Target) in the shade Bronzer. I set my under eyes and baked my jaw line, bridge of the nose, and center of the forehead using RCMA No Color Powder ($15 on the Beautylish website).


Eyes: I primed my lids using NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30 at Sephora) in the shade Medium 1 Custard and set that with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($39 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Translucent. For today’s eye look I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ($42 at Ulta). As my 1st transition color I used the shade Burnt Orange (a tan based orange matte). My 2nd transition color is the shade Venetian Red (a dusty mid-toned blue based red satin). On my mobile lid I used the color Vermeer (a pale champagne shimmer) on the full lid. I then deepened the outer 1/3 of the mobile lid and the outer v and low down on the crease using the shade Red Ochre (a deep maroon red matte). I then took the shade Primavera (a golden champagne shimmer) on the inner 2/3 of my mobile lid. I then took more of the shade Venetian Red and patted that in the middle 1/3 of the mobile lid to mesh the inner and outer 1/3 together. For my drop shadow on the lower lash line I used more of Burnt Orange followed by Venetian Red. I highlighted the inner corners using more of the shade Vermeer. I then deepened the lower lash line with more of the shade Red Ochre. I lined both the upper and lower waterlines using Iglot Eyeliner Gel ($17 on the Beautylish website) in the shade 90 Brown. I set my brows using Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer ($10 at Target) in the shade clear and then filled in the brows using ELF Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 at Target and on the ELF website) in the shade Dark Brown. I carved out my brow line using BH Studio Pro Brow Highlighter ($5 on their website) on the matte side and set that using the shade Tempera (a pale peach based vanilla matte). For mascara I chose NYX On the Rise Volume Liftscara ($11 at Ulta and on the NYX website) in the shade Black.


Cheeks and Lips: For blush today I used Flower Beauty Flower Pot Powder Blush ($8.98 at Walmart, Ulta, and on the Flower Beauty website) in the shade Warm Hibiscus (a rosey pink with a gold sheen). I highlighted the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, Cupid’s bow, and center of the forehead using ELF Illuminating Palette ($8 on their website) and mixing all 4 shades together. I then lined and filled in my lips using Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner (normally $19 some shades on sale for $8 at Sephora and the shade I used was a limited edition shade no longer available) in the shade OG Lolita (a pinkish terra cotta nude). I first tried to top the lips using Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($21 at Sephora) in the shade Lolita II (a deep terra cotta nude matte) but it felt so dry and so tight that I promptly took it off and re-lined and re-filled my lips with OG Lolita. I then topped my lips off with NARS Lip Gloss ($24 at Sephora and on their website) in the shade Stripe Tease (a pale beige nude).


Final Thoughts:

ELF Illuminating Palette:                                                                                                               This palette isn’t that old but I hardly ever reach for it. It’s a very powdery and dusty formula that is a subtle highlight. I have tried it several different ways and nothing really seems to wow me. I have so many highlighters that I just don’t want to keep one around that doesn’t make me happy to use it. I have decluttered this one from my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette:                                                            When this palette first came out I could not put it down. I wore it almost every day. But I haven’t really reached for it much in the past year and 1/2. I used it today because I had never tried the red shades. The reds blended out so wonderfully but there was tons of kick back in the pans and fallout on the face. I have most of the neutral colors in other palettes and I did just order the new ColourPop Valentine’s Day palette which is chalk full of reds. The shimmer shades don’t wow me as much as most of the shimmers I have in other palettes so I have decided, reluctantly to declutter this palette from my collection.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation:                                                                                                     The shade I have is a spot on skin match. This foundation is a bit weird. Sometimes it is glowy and sometimes it goes on matte. I think this is do to the primer I am using. For instance I used a pore filler primer and today this foundation went on matte… it also didn’t need to be set down, it wasn’t tacky at all, but if I use let’s say the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter… this foundation is dewy and stays tacky. I do love the way this foundation looks on my skin and I enjoy the coverage it gives (a sort of high medium coverage). I will not be decluttering this foundation from my collection.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer:                                                                                                    This was the 1st MAC product I ever purchased. I do love the way this concealer looks under my eyes, I just wish it was lighter in shade. NC 30 is my exact shade match I think NC 20 would have been better from my under eyes. I haven’t used this concealer a ton because I just have so much concealer, but I do really enjoy this one. I think I will use it up and then purchase it in the shade NC 20. I will not be decluttering it from my collection.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (in the shade Lolita II):                                              This is the last of my KVD liquid lipsticks I have left in my collection. I had decluttered the rest of my stash. I kept it because the shade has sentimental value to me. I used it on my niece for her prom and I just couldn’t part with it. It’s just so stiff on the lips that I don’t enjoy wearing it. I have decided to declutter it from my collection.

*** as a side note, most of the products I have decluttered from my collection I have gifted to either my niece or to a friend… there are a few products I have just tossed in the bun but mostly these products have been given a new home ***


Well that’s all for now dolls. I will be receiving my ColourPop All That Palette on Monday so I will be doing another Valentine’s Day look on Tuesday. I will still be testing out other products that I’m on the fence about to see whether or not to declutter them, so stay tunes… in the mean time I hope you are in good spirits and that you have a good rest of your day/night. Until tomorrow dolls… remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.