My Makeup Collection Vol. 9 The Eyeshadow Palettes Part 1

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I’m back with Vol.9 of my Makeup Collection Series … the rest of the series can be found:

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Today we’re diving into my Eyeshadow Palettes collection … I wil not be blogging about what the palettes are billed as because I have a heap of palettes to get through and not all of my palettes are available still so I have no way of knowing what they were marketed as. Any way without further ado let’s do this…

Revolution Beauty Reloaded Palette Basic Mattes $8 for 15 @ .04 ounces of product on their website.

This one is billed as truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, for matte-lovers everywhere! Featuring a wide spectrum of fundamental nudes, creams, beiges, browns and deep plums.

I’ve already reviewed this palette in my REVOLUTION (MAKEUP REVOLUTION) FULL FACE REVIEW . What it boils down to is this is an amazing palette and a staple in my collection.

ColourPop x Karruche Collab (limited edition and no longer available was $12 for .36 ounces of product) The Brown Sugar palette.

This is a warm tones neutral palette with tons of versatility. Compact for on the go and I find myself reaching for it as a back up to other palettes all the time.

ColourPop Going Coconuts Palette $12 for .36 ounces of product on their site (currently out of stock).

This is a dustier version of the Brown Sugar palette … still in the vein of warm neutrals. I love this palette so much. It’s a great everyday, work and school appropriate palette.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette $18 on their website.

This palette has it all … warn and cool nudes …. mattes and metallics.

Such a nicely put together palette.

ColourPop What Ever Palette $18 on their website.

Such a fun little palette that has it all.. from nudes to roses, to burgundy, from mattes, to glitters, to metallics and pressed pigments.

Catrice Cosmetics Basic Bae Palette $14 for .44 ounces of product at Ulta

This one is a basic neutral lovers palette with both matte and metallic shadows. This was my favorite part of my Catrice review.

Coastal Scents Revealed Rouge $20 on their website.

This one has a red color story that is just simply divine.

It’s the only Revealed palette I kept from my Coastal Scents review week. I decluttered the rest of the palettes. This one is super unique and I have loved every look I’ve come up with.

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette $49 for .42 ounces of product at Ulta and Sephora.

This is 1 of only 2 Urban Decay palettes that survived my last declutter. I got rid of the rest of them. I absolutely love this palette! This is a great one for travel because it has all the nudes and still a pops of color. My favorite shade (although just a simple boring nude and not a pop of color)is Weekender. I so want them to release this shade in a single!! I’ve hit pan on it and this shade is a staple in my repertoire.

KVD Shae + Light Eye Contour Palette *I believe this one has been discontinued as I can not find a permalink to link back to a sale site*

This palette is broken into small quads… neutral,cool, and warm.

I love this palette. I love that it’s all mattes, I love that it’s got so much versatility within the quads. It’s a basic neutral palette.

Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Palette $45 at Ulta and Sephora.

Hands down my best and favorite neutrals palette and also my favorite of the Too Faced palettes I own.

The first week I got this palette I couldn’t put it down! I have loved every look I’ve come up with using this little baby.

The shades flatter every skin tone. The mattes are finely milled the metallics have 2 different finishes .. there are some drier and some so buttery that they glide on effortlessly.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette $49 for .56 ounces of product at Ulta.

I can’t believe this palette still have that amazing chocolate scent to it.

The shadows are smooth and pigmented and blend like a dream.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar *Discontinued*

This is the cool neutrals answer to the Chocolate Bar family (with that warm pop of the peanut butter shade).

This one still has the delicious scent of chocolate too. I have traveled many times with this one.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons *discontinued but can be found on Amazon*

This is such a fun palette with those pops of pink and blue and purple in them and has a mix of warm and cook neutrals.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette $49 for .54 ounces of product at Ulta.

This one is basically an all metallic palette with 4 staple mattes.

This is my favorite pop of color palette that I currently own.

ColourPop She’s Got Solstice Palette $14 for .3 ounces of product at Ulta.

This is a great little coral based palette and that pop of moss green is amazing!

ColourPop Making Mauves Palette $14 on their website.

A great alternative to the standard nude neutral palettes on the market. This is a great one for weddings and special occasions and just for a spin on a neutral eye look.

ColourPop Nude Mood Palette $14 on their website.

I love pairing this one with my Brown Sugar palette a lot.

ColourPop Blush Crush Palette $14 on their website.

This is another palette that’s perfect for a wedding or special event. Soft muted pinks and mauves so expertly done.

ColourPop It’s My Pleasure Palette $12 on their website

I purchased this one because a reader requested a purple look. I fell in love because the purples are so rich and expertly done. It can be hard to get purple eyeshadows to preform well because that pigment is hard to create. ColourPop hit it out of the park with this palette and that 1 pop of baby pink just made this palette everything.

ColourPop Lilac You A Lot $12 on their website

I purchased this one also because a reader requested a purple look and I wanted to have plenty of purple options to choose from. I love this pastel feel of the palette so much and it pairs well with the It’s my Pleasure palette.

ColourPop Mulan Palette $22 on their website

I could not wait to get my hands on this little baby!! I came up with 5 separate looks for this palette showing the versatility of it.

This is a great one for glam and drama.

 9 pan palette I created from Makeup Geek for 57.99 total which includes the z palette.

The shades in this palette are : Shimma Shima, a pale peachy flesh tone with a silver reflect. So Pale, a light vanilla matte. Rapunzel, a pale peach with gold reflect. Sand Dollar, a pale grey matte, Peach Smoothie, a true peach matte. Pumpkin’, a coral-orange hybrid matte. I’m Peachless, a pale peach with pink reflect. Tuscan Sun, a dusty coral pink matte. And finally Dark Roast, a dark true brown matte.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette *Discontinued*

This palette is the 2nd of 2 palettes I kept from Urban Decay in my last declutter. I love that it’s an all matte, basic eyeshadow palette. I tend to pull shades from this palette to accompany other palettes.

It’s a great companion palette to own.

Well dolls. That’s it for this volume. Hope you have a nice rest of your day/night.

Remember … Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.